Our Industries

Custom marketing solutions

At Cosmoforge, we specialize in fueling growth for non-profits, startups, and ecommerce organizations.  Our services are designed to match the needs of highly competitive industries with limited budgets. 


Navigating the startup world is exhilarating, but it's also filled with challenges. You've achieved initial traction, but how do you scale without a dedicated marketing team? Enter Cosmoforge.


Balancing your mission with donor engagement and effective marketing is a constant juggle. Amidst the evolving donor landscape, the challenge lies in maximizing impact.


The e-commerce landscape is both thrilling and challenging. You've tasted success, but how do you scale and stand out in a saturated market? That's where CosmoForge steps in.

The launch

How we prepare our

clients for growth


Ignition Check

Embark on your galactic voyage with a thorough audit of your existing processes and data. Our expert crew will analyze your current systems to determine your starting point and ensure your spaceship is primed for takeoff. The Ignition Check is the vital first step in identifying areas for improvement and calibrating your engines for maximum growth.


Prepare For Launch

As your mission control, we'll build the human and technical processes needed to move your business from its starting point to its potential 5-year growth. Our Prepare For Launch service tier offers a comprehensive strategy recommendation to help you reach your objectives, backed by a powerful fusion of talent, technology, and ambition. With our guidance, your business will be ready to blast off towards unprecedented success.


Reach For The Stars

Set your sights on the cosmos and let our celestial navigators chart a course for your company's future. With our Reach For The Stars service tier, we'll project your growth potential for the next 5 years, identifying realistic and achievable milestones that will propel you towards the outer reaches of success. We'll work with you to create a stellar trajectory designed to keep your business soaring.


Orbital Maintenance

Keep your business in orbit with our optional Orbital Maintenance service. With a flexible month-to-month retainer, our dedicated team will execute your growth strategy, ensuring that you stay on track towards your long-term goals. From fine-tuning your approach to troubleshooting any obstacles, we'll be there to support you every step of the way. Maintain your momentum and ensure your continued success with Cosmoforge – let us handle the details, while you focus on the big picture.