How we boosted Irish Iron’s inbound leads by 72% in six months

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Irish Iron is Northern California’s largest ornamental iron company. They specialize in wrought iron fences, gates, and railings for residential and commercial properties.


Irish Iron, renowned for its bespoke ironwork, faced a pivotal moment in its business evolution. With a legacy built on craftsmanship in iron railings, gates, and fences, their digital presence was notably lagging, relying on a basic website that served more as a static brochure than a dynamic customer engagement tool. This limited digital strategy hindered their ability to connect with a modern audience, leading to missed opportunities in a market where online visibility and interaction are key. Recognizing these challenges, Irish Iron pursued Cosmoforge’s services to bridge the gap between their traditional values and the digital expectations of today’s consumers. Our partnership was initiated at a critical juncture to transform their digital footprint, enhance customer interactions, and secure their position in a competitive landscape.


Cosmoforge’s tailored solutions for Irish Iron included a dynamic website redesign, targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and a customized CRM system with automation capabilities. Our website overhaul enhanced online visibility and engagement, while our PPC campaigns efficiently attracted quality leads. The CRM implementation streamlined customer interactions and operational workflows, ensuring a seamless, personalized customer experience. This strategic blend of technology and marketing expertise significantly boosted Irish Iron’s digital presence and operational efficiency, setting a new standard for their digital strategy in the competitive home improvement market.

Cosmoforge spearheaded a digital transformation for Irish Iron, harmonizing the art of traditional ironwork with the latest in digital marketing and customer relationship management technologies. We revolutionized their digital interface, creating a user-friendly, visually appealing website that captivates and engages potential clients. Simultaneously, our targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns were meticulously designed to attract high-quality leads, while the implementation of a custom CRM and automation system streamlined operations and enriched customer interactions. This innovative approach not only amplified Irish Iron’s online presence but also set a new benchmark for digital strategy in the home improvement industry, demonstrating the power of integrating traditional craftsmanship with digital innovation.



Despite their renowned craftsmanship in custom ironwork, Irish Iron faced significant challenges in connecting with their target market. Their website experienced low visitor engagement, and the lead generation efforts were falling short of their goals.

Low Website Traffic

Irish Iron's challenge of low website traffic was hindering their visibility and ability to attract a wider audience. The issue stemmed from limited search engine optimization, an outdated web design, and insufficient online marketing strategies. Addressing these areas was vital to boosting Irish Iron's digital presence and drawing in potential customers.

Underwhelming Conversion Rates

The website's underwhelming conversion rates revealed a disconnect between visitor traffic and engagement. Factors contributing to this issue included unclear calls-to-action, inadequate persuasive content, and a user experience that failed to guide visitors toward making inquiries or purchases. Enhancing these elements was key to converting visitors into leads and customers.

Inefficient Lead Management

Inefficient lead management was significantly affecting Irish Iron's capability to follow up on and convert leads. The lack of a streamlined process, an integrated CRM system, and automation in tracking and engaging leads led to missed opportunities. Optimizing lead management processes was essential for improving sales conversions and maximizing marketing effectiveness.



Irish Iron aimed to mirror its reputation for bespoke craftsmanship in the digital sphere, seeking to elevate its online visibility and engagement within the competitive home improvement industry. Their expectation was to transform their digital presence to better showcase their artisanal quality and attract clientele seeking personalized service. The goal was a digital strategy that would not only increase website traffic but also effectively convert visitors into customers, reinforcing their status as a leading ironwork provider.


For Irish Iron, we crafted a holistic digital marketing strategy that encompassed SEO optimization, precision-targeted PPC campaigns, and a complete overhaul of their website interface. This approach was designed to amplify their online visibility, attract a more targeted audience, and enhance user engagement through a streamlined, visually appealing digital experience.

Digital Marketing strategy

In developing Irish Iron’s digital marketing strategy, our initial step involved an in-depth analysis of their competitors and target market. Through this research, we identified key trends in the home improvement industry, particularly in the custom ironwork sector. We noticed that top-performing competitors leveraged a combination of rich visual content, strong local SEO practices, and engaging social media campaigns to connect with their audience. This insight was pivotal in shaping our approach. Understanding that Irish Iron’s target customers highly value craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, we prioritized website redesign to showcase their portfolio through high-quality images and videos, enhancing the visual storytelling of their brand.

Our market research underscored the need for localized SEO to attract customers in areas with high demand for custom ironwork. This insight guided us to refine our SEO strategy, emphasizing local keywords and region-specific content to spotlight Irish Iron’s distinct offerings. Concurrently, we tailored our PPC campaigns to target individuals actively seeking custom ironwork, ensuring maximum relevance and reach. These strategic choices, informed by detailed analysis of competitors and the market, aimed to boost Irish Iron’s digital presence, engage a targeted audience more effectively, and drive conversions.

SEO Optimization

We honed in on the unique aspects of their craft, such as bespoke iron railings, gates, and fences. Recognizing the niche market’s specific search behaviors, we conducted an in-depth keyword analysis focused on terms that encapsulated the artistry and specificity of Irish Iron’s offerings, like “custom ironwork” and “artisan iron gates,” along with geo-targeted keywords to capture local market searches. To bolster on-page SEO, we meticulously optimized the site’s content, from product descriptions to blog posts showcasing unique projects and craftsmanship techniques, ensuring each page was a beacon for both search engines and potential clients. This strategic SEO effort was complemented by enhancing the site’s backlink profile through collaborations with design blogs and local business directories, positioning Irish Iron not just as a service provider but as an industry authority in bespoke ironwork, significantly improving their search visibility and customer reach.

Targeted PPC

Our innovative PPC strategy for Irish Iron combined Google’s Dynamic Search Ads with targeted audience segmentation, focusing on users who interacted with specific site content. We enhanced engagement through retargeting, presenting personalized ads to re-engage past visitors. On visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we used lookalike audiences to attract potential customers, showcasing Irish Iron’s craftsmanship through compelling storytelling and imagery. This streamlined approach boosted inquiries and conversions by effectively reaching users at various points in their journey.

Social Ads

In building Irish Iron’s brand on social media, we focused on showcasing their craftsmanship on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. By posting high-quality images and stories behind each custom ironwork project, we highlighted the unique value and artisanal process, appealing directly to design-savvy audiences. A strategic use of hashtags and encouragement of user-generated content amplified Irish Iron’s reach and fostered community engagement. This concise strategy not only elevated Irish Iron’s brand visibility but also connected them with a targeted audience, reinforcing their reputation for quality and bespoke designs in the home improvement space.


Website Traffic
70% Increase
Conversion Rate
50% Increase
Inbounce Leads
120% Increase

Our digital marketing initiatives led to a significant uplift for Irish Iron, achieving a 70% increase in website traffic, a 50% rise in conversion rates, and a 72% boost in leads over six months. The integrated approach of targeted PPC, refined SEO, and engaging social media strategies effectively expanded their online presence and attracted a more engaged audience.

This growth not only quantifies the success in terms of traffic and conversions but also underscores the strategic impact of combining personalized content and precise targeting to drive substantial business growth in niche markets.

6 Months Progress

Our partnership with Irish Iron not only showcased our capability to stimulate digital growth but also deepened our insights into effective strategies for niche markets. We’ve learned the critical role of combining quality visual content with precision-targeted marketing to engage and convert specific audiences. Looking ahead, we’re dedicated to supporting Irish Iron’s continuous growth, leveraging data-driven insights and evolving trends to refine our SEO, PPC, and social media strategies. This commitment ensures Irish Iron’s enduring industry leadership and serves as a blueprint for achieving sustained success across our client portfolio.


From the moment we engaged with this outstanding digital marketing team, we felt confident in their expertise, yet the magnitude of our success surpassed all expectations. Initially, we were struggling with minimal website traffic and underwhelming conversion rates, unaware of our product's true market potential. Their team introduced a comprehensive strategy that included SEO enhancements, precise PPC advertising, and a revitalized social media strategy. The outcomes were extraordinary — website traffic surged by 70%, conversions increased by 50%, and our leads saw growth! I enthusiastically endorse their services to any company aiming to transform their digital marketing approach and achieve tangible, significant results.