How Cosmoforge crafted & executed a campaign that skyrocketed growth in just 5 days.

Before Cosmoforge

  • SchedGo had a grand vision, captured in a mere 2-page Word document.
  • This startup approached us with a basic online presence and no prior marketing campaigns.
  • SchedGo was on the hunt for marketing allies to amplify their vision.

After Cosmoforge

  • Vision transformed into a 12-month, actionable growth marketing plan.
  • A comprehensive campaign was live in just 5 days, primed to attract and convert.
  • Armed with our growth strategy, they secured a 5-figure investment round without any marketing costs.
Do you want to merely 'launch,' or do you want to create a brand that users will adore? Cosmoforge taught us to aim for adoration
Akshaj Raghavi
Co-Founder, SchedGo

Who Can Benefit From The SchedGo Story?

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Introducting SchedGo

Established in 2023, SchedGo is a rising ed-Tech software startup, enabling students to harness data for informed degree planning decisions and graduation boosts. SchedGo offers tools for insights, student engagement, data analytics, tailored surveys, and incentives for on-time graduation. The startup is the beacon for educational institutes aiming to thrive in the digital age.

What SchedGo Did Right

SchedGo envisioned a platform that would revolutionize the way students plan their academic journey. They recognized the challenges students face in making informed decisions due to the overwhelming amount of information available. Their research indicated a gap in the market for a tool that could simplify this process and provide actionable insights.

No Experience or Funding

SchedGo’s initial concept was a two-page Word document filled with features and potential user journeys. As a budding startup, they pooled resources from friends & family for an initial marketing workshop. However, they lacked the funds and expertise to launch a full-fledged marketing campaign.

SchedGo’s Breakthrough: Marketing Their Way to Success

In just a week, with Cosmoforge’s expertise, SchedGo rolled out a comprehensive marketing campaign that resonated with their target audience. This campaign not only boosted their brand awareness but also played a crucial role in them securing significant investments. They were able to confidently present their competitive advantage, traction, and value proposition to investors, showcasing a clear plan for the funds’ utilization

How Did SchedGo Achieve This?

SchedGo didn’t have the luxury of time or a massive budget. They spent five days with Cosmoforge, crafting a growth marketing strategy that would resonate with students and educational institutions. Within a week, they had a clear marketing roadmap, detailing their core value proposition and a 12-month plan filled with targeted campaigns.

Our growth marketing audit is designed to transform a startup’s vision into a tangible strategy. It’s more than just a plan—it’s a blueprint for success that you can present to stakeholders, customers, and investors. We’ve refined this approach over the years, helping startups like SchedGo turn their vision into reality.

SchedGo’s Continued Success

With Cosmoforge’s post-launch support, SchedGo has seen a surge in user engagement and positive feedback. Their platform is now being adopted by educational institutions nationwide, with a growing daily user base.

We’re thrilled to be a part of SchedGo’s journey. With our continued support and expertise, the future looks promising for this ed-Tech startup. Their team has expanded, backed by a passionate group of educators and tech enthusiasts.

"Working with Cosmoforge was a game-changer. We went from an idea to a full-blown strategy in days."

SchedGo is now in talks for further investments, reflecting their rapid growth and potential. Their innovative approach has garnered attention from educational institutions and tech enthusiasts alike. With a clear roadmap and Cosmoforge by their side, SchedGo is poised for exponential growth in the coming years.

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